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What is Rifle Self-Defense Fundamentals?

With the increasing threat of violent crime, more people are choosing to learn personal protection skills. Unfortunately, many students never have the opportunity to train under instructors who have real-world experience in surviving life-or-death self-defense situations. 

Rifle Self-Defense Fundamentals is the result of 50+ YEARS of combined operational experience in law enforcement, national security, and high-risk security operations that introduces you to the skills necessary for defending oneself using a carbine rifle.

During this 6-hour live-fire class you’ll learn the basics of how to use your rifle in a self-defense scenario. You can expect to receive lots of hands-on practice, instruction, and feedback to help develop and hone your technique both on the range and at home.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to safely & efficiently manipulate your rifle on the move
  • How to efficiently reload and acquire your targets
  • How to accurately engage and shoot targets at varying distances using your natural body mechanics
  • How to move and shoot targets in defensive scenarios
  • How to improve your rifle gun-handling skills on your own
  • During this class, students will also have the opportunity to compete for the coveted, Valortec Alumni patch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this class designed for?

This class is ideal for students with some firearms experience who are ready to take their rifle skills up a notch.

New gun owners who want to go beyond shooting boring paper targets at an indoor range will also drastically improve their rifle skills in this class.

If it’s been a while since you’ve gone to the range and you’d like to get reacquainted with your firearm, this is a great refresher class for you.

To attend this class, all students must:

  • Be at least 18 years old a legal US Citizen/Resident. (Due to the Department of State ITAR regulations, tactical training is only available to US Citizens/Legal Residents)
  • Be legally permitted to own a firearm in the state of Florida. (By registering for this course, the student further attest that they are legally permitted to own a firearm in the state of Florida)
  • Complete a liability waiver before the start of the class

How much does the class cost?

$297 per student

We’re proud to offer discounts to first-time students who are:

  • Military/LEO/First Responders
  • Nurses
  • Teachers
  • Students

Please Contact Us to have your discount applied.

What firearm, ammo, and gear will I need for this class?

  • Valid driver’s license or government issue ID
  • Semi-automatic AR-15 pattern rifle/carbine in one of the following calibers: .223, 5.56
  • 150 to 250 rounds of ammunition
  • Rifle Sling
  • 3 magazines (Minimum)
  • 2 rifle magazine holsters
  • Comfortable, closed-toe, sturdy shoes. No sandals or open-toed shoes.
  • Sturdy belt (must be able to hold up the weight of magazine holsters)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Barrel Safety Plug (if not available, we can provide one)
  • Water & snacks (for the duration of the class)

Where is this class held and how long is it?

This class is held at Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club, a private outdoor gun range offering 11 pistol bays, and a variety of rifle ranges, up to 1,500 yards. Pistol Self-Defense Fundamentals is a total of 6 hours.

Can I attend this class even if I don’t own a firearm?

Absolutely! We have loaner firearms available. If you plan to buy a firearm in the future but are undecided, this class gives you the right experience to help influence your buying decision. 

Upon completion of this class you will receive:

  • Certificate of Completion