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Safety & Security at Places of Worship

Ensuring Safety for Florida Places of Worship

To protect your house of worship, Valortec offers tailored security training and solutions.

Acts of violence targeting churches and synagogues have become a significant concern in the United States. Valortec offers a security program tailored to the needs of your place of worship. We’ll conduct a vulnerability assessment to understand the risks you may face.

We’ll help you build readiness and resilience within your community, ensuring that your house of worship can respond effectively in emergencies. We will also design a physical security system to protect different areas of your place of worship, while respecting their individual purposes.


Addressing your security needs is understanding the specific threats your church or synagogue may face. This includes examining any structural vulnerabilities, staying informed about intelligence reports, and considering the current political climate.


Once we understand the potential risks, we can put together a security team. The size of the team will depend on the size of your place of worship, the number of attendees, entrances and exits, and the need for a team that can work together smoothly.


Ensuring your security team is well-equipped is essential. The choice of weapons and gear depends on factors like the size of your place of worship, the team’s capabilities, and their level of training.


Training should be put to the test through simulations and scenario-based exercises. These exercises can include both armed and unarmed threat scenarios.


In protecting your church or synagogue, there are two ways to go about it: doing it right from the start or having to do it all over again. Building an effective security team involves proper selection, equipping, training, implementing, and thorough testing to ensure your community’s safety.

Valortec is your trusted partner in Florida, dedicated to helping you establish a security plan that works. We are committed to keeping your place of worship safe, and we’re here to support your team every step of the way.