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G License Re-qualification

``G`` License Re-qualification

Elevate Your Skills and Secure Your Future with Valortec's G License Requalification Course!

Are you a security guard or private investigator in Florida holding a Class “G” Statewide Firearm License? Ensure you stay at the top of your game and maintain your professional edge with our exclusive 4-hour Valortec G License Requalification Course!

Stay Up-to-Date: Stay current with the latest regulations, techniques, and protocols that are essential for armed security professionals. Our course is meticulously designed to cover all the crucial aspects required for requalification.


Expert Guidance: Our experienced instructors bring a wealth of real-world knowledge, ensuring you receive top-tier training that’s both insightful and practical.

Efficiency and Convenience: We understand your busy schedule. That’s why our 4-hour course is carefully crafted to provide comprehensive requalification in a time-efficient manner, allowing you to get back to your duties quickly.


Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Delve into a curriculum that covers firearms safety, marksmanship fundamentals, mechanics, and a review of Florida Statutes 493, 776, and 790. We focus on the core skills you need to excel in your role.

Hands-On Practice: Enhance your marksmanship, loading and unloading techniques, and response to malfunction scenarios through interactive, practical exercises.