Brace yourselves, for the ultimate 4-hour G License Requalification. Engage with a dynamic curriculum, an arsenal of essential artillery including firearms safety, marksmanship mastery, tactical mechanics, and an in-depth dissection of Florida’s formidable Statutes 493, 776, and 790. Forge the core of your expertise.

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Florida requires a yearly shooting re-qualification for all state “G” licensed security officers. The re-qualification must be with the type of handgun that will be carried, while on duty. Security officer training and licensing is regulated under Florida State Statute Chapter 493.

The State of Florida required evidence of your re-qualification will be provided, upon re-qualifying. This document is then submitted to the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (FDAC). To maintain a current “G” license the documentation must be submitted. Upon review and acceptance by the FDAC, a current “G” license will be issued by the state of Florida.

The cost for this 4 hour class includes:

● Florida 493 and 5N-1 legal updates and review
● Written Examination
● Firearms Proficiency Re-qualification
●Targets, eye/ear protection and range fee

The cost for the re-qualification is $249

Bring the following items to your re-qualification:

● A minimum of 48 rounds of ammunition per firearm caliber in which you are re-qualifying
● Your duty carry handgun (rentals are available at the range)
● 3 or more magazines for your firearm
● A quality duty holster, gun belt and loader/magazine pouches
● Clothing that provides protection from ejected brass

NOTE: Ammunition is not included for the “G” re-qualification course of fire.