COO / Master Instructor

Brief info

Herfel Torres, our Chief Operating Officer, is a highly skilled and experienced firearms instructor with over 30 years of experience training individuals to use firearms safely and effectively. As a law enforcement firearms instructor, he has honed his craft to help individuals and organizations maximize their potential in tactical situations. His expertise has been recognized by many satisfied corporations / agencies & students, who praised his professionalism, knowledge, and passion for training.

In addition to his experience as a firearms instructor, Herfel is also a crisis management and active shooter response instructor, drawing from his extensive background in personal security detail service. He has lived in several countries, including Venezuela, Argentina, Russia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, and has successfully implemented competitive intelligence campaigns in Asia and Latin America.

Whether you are a law enforcement professional or a civilian, Herfel's comprehensive and engaging training style will help you become better equipped to handle high-pressure situations.