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Self Defense Handgun Training Drill #2

Wizard Drill with Total Accuracy


Using an IDPA or USPSA target, draw a 4.5-inch circle in the head box and a 7-inch circle in the chest area. For the first string, attempt a head shot at 3 yards with one hand. For the second string, try another head shot from 5 yards with both hands, and repeat at 7 yards for the third string. For the final string, draw and attempt two hits in the chest. Par time for each string is between 2.5 and 3 seconds, depending on shooter skill. Overtime shots mean you failed.

If all three shots fired at the head zone are in the circle, you get five points per hit. On the 10-yard string, if both shots are in the circle, you get 10 points. However, if any rounds are out of circles, your score for the drill is the value of the lowest scored hit. For example, you drop one point on the chest-zone target—meaning you have a four-point hit–your score is four points. Miss a head shot, and you score is zero. Shoot cold “because the score from a cold drill is the only one that counts.”